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Dolce Gelato is a family owned gelato shop just steps from the sea in Laguna Beach, CA . Each batch is hand crafted from scratch right in our kitchen by our talented chef Lindsey Nelsen. Innovative new flavors mingle with beloved classics so there is a little something for everyone!

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is our chosen theme for the month of March.

  • 9 New Flavors for this month.
  • At least 3 New Flavors every Friday.

Almond / Coconut Milk (Vegan)

  • Oompa Loompa – An almond milk gelato of Thai Tea and Marzipan.
  • Cavity-Filling Caramels – An almond milk gelato of vanilla caramel and black volcanic salt.
  • Augustus Gloop – A coconut milk gelato of German Chocolate Cake.

Sorbet (Vegan)

  • Pink candy Boat – A sorbet of Strawberries and Cactus Pear.
  • Swudge – A sorbet of Fresh mint and lime.
  • Snozzberry – A sorbet of Raspberry and Mangosteen.


  • Chili Cocoa Cream – A Swirl of Red Velvet Chili and Dark Chocolate Cream Gelato.
  • Charlie Bucket – A gelato of Cookie Dough.
  • Everlasting Gobstoppers – A gelato of honeydew, mango, and passion fruit.

GelatoCase2Enjoy Our 10 Dairy Free Vegan Selections Including 4 Almond Milk Flavors. Our new Apple Crisp Cobbler is Vegan too.