Dolce Gelato is owned by Rick and Claudia Baedeker along with son Danny and daughter Emily.  A family bound together by a common thread: the LOVE of all things sweet.  Thus the name, “Dolce” meaning “sweet” in Italian.  We couldn’t settle for anything less than the best, and  knew we had something special when we met our mentor, Maria Coassin.  Maria relocated to the states from Italy some 15 years ago and opened Gelatiamo in Seattle, now one of the most successful gelato stores in the U.S. She was kind enough to share with us her recipes and teach us her tricks of the trade. Our store is still relatively new, but our recipes and methods are rooted in the purest Italian tradition. Armed with the foundation of her amazing recipes and a passion for desserts that borders on obsession, Dolce Gelato opened in May of 2010. Then we enlisted the expertise of our fabulous Chef de Gelato, Lindsey Nelsen, and a star was born. Together with Lindsey, we are handcrafting  each pan of gelato fresh in our store every day, and creating original new flavors each week. From classic American desserts to sophisticated palate pleasers, there is a little something for everyone.

          Meet Our Chef :             

I’m a 26 year old life long California girl, with a passion for food and flavor. As I am wont to point out, one of the most sensory reactions that can every occur in your brain is from food, so we should savor it. I had spent years working in restaurants, both in the front of the house and in the kitchen, when a life changing event took place. My mother bought an ice cream machine. I started experimenting and before I knew it I was in love. Gelato is just such an amazing canvas for flavor. With it you can create tastes that are clean and exciting all wrapped up in a velvety texture and the possibility’s are nearly limitless.


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